Cheap Liverpool Home Jersey 2017/2018

This season, Manchester City, with its image “invincible”, suffered a series of three defeats: in a week, they were dubbed by Liverpool and humiliated by Manchester United. At the start of the UEFA Champions League’s eighth day, Manchester City failed to reverse the 0: 3 margin. Instead, Liverpool was beaten 2-1 by Liverpool and missed the last four . The loss of a goal in the first two minutes did not scare Liverpool. Manchester City once overwhelmed Liverpool, Gushuai tried to counter Liverpool against Klopp’s tactics, but unfortunately failed to do so.

In the second half, Liverpool countered the loophole in Manchester City’s three-guard system, which was overthrown by Egypt’s Sacramento and Manez. And with a total score of 5: 1 in the quarterfinals. Manchester City were overturned by their opponents twice in four days, the first two goals of the league leading to the overthrow of Manchester United, before being again humiliated by Liverpool yesterday morning. This season, Manchester City has lost to Liverpool three times in the league and the Champions League.

Two sets lower, whether it was the starting lineup or the sense of balance displayed at both ends of the offensive and defense, Liverpool conquered Manchester City. In addition, with the help of Salah, Liverpool has shown a desperate efficiency. In the first leg, Liverpool shot 5 times with 9 shots and scored 3 goals. The match of the second round was even more exaggerated, with 5 shots, 3 shots and 2 goals. After the match, Liverpool coach Klopp said easily: “Normally, I think the Champions League final of this season should be Manchester City playing in Barcelona.

Liverpool Home Jersey 2017/2018, this cheap football shirt and good quality. here, this Liverpool jersey with V-neck, color is red with a little white, the end of each sleeve has a white band, The new jersey is firmly anchored in the long tradition of the Red Army and inspired jerseys the past. The many classic moments of the Red Army for years have been set in deep red jerseys: the retro design of the neck and cuffs in the shape of white V and the subtle longitudinal weaving of the jersey surface recreate the great summit of Rome in 1984. It is also the most representative moment in the history of the club.

In commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the club, the famous “Liver Bird” badge in gold on the chest of the new jersey is marked “1892” and “2017” on the left and right, and “125 YEARS” on the bottom. NB logo on the chest of the right, the badge of the football club on the chest of the left. Following the usual practice, the “96” yellow flame logo under the neckline of the jersey commemorates the 96 fans who died in the Hillsborough Massacre. The relief details of “125” in the rubber bands on the shoulders also highlight the uniqueness of this jersey.

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